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Charles Spence, Conference Speakers

Professor Charles Spence: The Future of Food and The Science of Dining

Charles is a world-famous experimental psychologist and provides creative and fun keynote speeches around the psychology of eating and drinking.

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René Carayol: Leadership, Culture and Transformation

René Carayol is one of the world's leading business gurus specialising in leadership, culture and transformation.

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Carole Spiers: Building Resilience

Carole’s focus is on developing a healthy workplace culture through the successful management of stress and the improvement of employee health and wellbeing.

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Trevor Williams, After Dinner Speakers, Speaker Agency

Professor Trevor Williams: The Global Economy and 'Big Data'

As the former Chief Economist at Lloyds Bank, Trevor provides original insights from first principles and practical behaviourally-driven analysis backed by economic theory.

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Phil Olley: Goals and Focus

Phil helps individuals, teams and businesses raise the bar on performance, increase productivity, and achieve their goals.

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Michelle Mills Porter: The Magnificence of Humanity

Michelle makes people re-think what’s important and what their real purpose might be.

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Alastair Greener: Personalised Communication

Alastair helps SME’s and organisations to improve their business and customer relationships by making their communication personalised.

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Anne Wafula Strike MBE: Disability and Inclusion

Athlete, author, disability and inclusion champion, and sporting ambassador, Anne inspires others to overcome difficulties and maximise their potential.

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Darren Stanton

Darren Stanton: Human Behaviour

Darren is an expert in body language and behaviour. His main areas of expertise are: Deception Detection; Motivation and Influence & Persuasion.

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Annie Price: Building Resilience and Confidence

Recent winner of BAFTA's Breakthrough Brit Award, Annie has a unique positive take on the world and helps organisations with building resilience.

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Alan Coxon

Alan Coxon: Food and Taste

Alan is a multi-award winning chef, TV presenter, author, culinary consultant, food archaeologist, international judge, and British Ambassador for food.

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Jackie Handy: Inclusive Leadership

Formerly a top performing Manager for 2 decades, Jackie now works with others to give back the recipe for sales, leadership and inclusion success.

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Mark Williams, Conference speakers

Mark Williams: Global Education and Human Rights

Mark is a former MP and leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats

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Julian Thomas: Effective Leadership & Transformative Power of Education

Julian combines his experience of high-level organisational leadership with tales and lessons from some of the world’s iconic adventure challenges.

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Lisa Francis, keynote speaker, after dinner speakers

Lisa Francis: Gender Equality and Political Reform

Lisa is an entrepreneur and Former Member of the Welsh Assembly

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James Nathan, Conference speakers

James Nathan: Service Excellence

James Nathan works with businesses to show their unique value through giving exceptional service – the kind that gets people telling stories about them.

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Scott McArthur, Conference speakers

Scott McArthur: Transformation

Scott McArthur focuses on disrupting the narrative and behaviours that bind people, and inspiring his audiences to change from the inside out.

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Callum Woodcock

Callum Woodcock: The Potential of Young People

Callum is a passionate believer in the potential of young people to totally transform the way the world lives and works.

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